The domestic and international environment of Chinese construction machinery in 2012

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2012 is an important year for the "Twelfth Five Year Plan", a connecting link between the preceding and the following, and despite the slowdown in the pace of economic growth in China, but China is still a hot market in the letter of the global construction machinery industry. In the concrete machinery industry staged a three points after the world, the Chinese construction machinery manufacturers have been standing in the forefront of international construction machinery. Stand in the forefront of the industry, engineering machinery China but also how to face the international and domestic environment? Overlooking the global market, China Construction machinery enterprises and what to go from here?

International market: the global economy or the German real estate recession will once again boom

Just as everyone thinks the world economy may be getting better, Spain's problems are coming. As the next Domino of the European economy, Spain is struggling with a huge budget deficit, massive unemployment and an angry public. Will Spain crash? The housing market bubble burst hit Spain's economy at the same time, to make it into a dilemma. If Spain's crisis deepens the recession in Europe, there is no doubt that it will make the global economy into a lasting weakness. The weakness of the European economy will directly affect the confidence of the people of the world, investment damage, reduce imports and other countries will continue to drag on the economic development of other countries in the world. Europe, which accounts for 1/5 of the world economy, has roughly the same influence as the United States, the 27 member states of the European Union, the world's largest importer, and the European bank's business is more than the world's largest!

Other parts of the continent may be struggling, but at the centre of Europe, the Germans are more rich than ever. Germany's unemployment rate is at a record low, while the unemployment rate in Spain and Greece is 4 times that of Germany. China Construction machinery business network, senior analysts said that the German competitive manufacturers to create export income is an important guarantee for the country. At the same time, with the crane appeared in the city as well as the German family of cement gold investment, the real estate market is booming, the construction industry in March rose to 31%. Germany's real estate market is about to begin to boom in 2012, which is the result of a very loose monetary policy.

The turmoil in the international economic situation of engineering machinery market is definitely not the slightest. By the ninth session of the Paris International Construction Machinery Exhibition but peek one spot. As one of the world's three major construction machinery exhibition, size and number of exhibitors in the current French exhibition although hit a record high, but the scene of the exhibition number and volume, and are affected by the economic environment influence, is clearly not satisfactory. Germany's real estate market boom can drive the whole of the European economy, and thus lead to the construction of the market? China Construction machinery business, senior analyst, said mechanical engineering to really heavy on the fast track, to rely solely on domestic policies and infrastructure, railways, affordable housing and other engineering boost is not enough. Similarly, to rely solely on German real estate boom also cannot let mechanical engineering real prosperity must rely on domestic and foreign economic environment of dual drive, especially the influence of international market environment of engineering machinery sales data is huge.

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