Zoomlion won 200 excavator large earthmoving machinery rapid growth

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On May 30, located in the state-level Guanzhong Tianshui Economic Zone gateway city, Weinan City National High Tech Development Zone Zhonglian Zhongke Weinan Industrial Park voices, unusually lively. At 10:28 am, Weinan Industrial Park in the chorus for fireworks, resounded through the sky, by four cars in the United, earthwork machinery company service vehicles first to clear the way, a car carrying ZE360E excavator dray break ribbons, led the first batch of 80 cars loaded ZE360E excavator team mighty sent to Inner Mongolia and delivered to the customer, accept market review and inspection. This is the single largest sales order since the establishment of the ZOOMLION earth moving machinery, but also created a new record of 200 units of the excavator industry sales.

The Inner Mongolia dry Thai Group signed a one-time 200 ZE360E excavator, is designed for the construction of ZOOMLION earth moving machinery for the development of the crawler excavator. ZE360E excavator of the utility and low fuel consumption characteristics in the mines and construction application has a prominent competitive advantage, so as to reduce the operation cost of the machine, which is known as the "durable saving construction of the mine weapon. In view of the fact that the United ZE360E excavator outstanding performance in the mining area in Inner Mongolia construction. After comparing with several competitors, Inner Mongolia Qian Tai Group purchased a one-time Zhonglian Zhongke ZE360E equipment 200 units, the total amount reached 3 billion yuan, a domestic excavator single transaction records. When talking about and united cooperation, Inner Mongolia Gan Tai Group representatives spoke at the ceremony said, first is fancy Zoomlion national brand strength, second Zhonglian Zhongke Weinan Industrial Park in the near distance, can provide a more intimate and thoughtful service for Inner Mongolia Gan Tai, the third is provided by Zoomlion strong financing platform, let the big ticket purchases can be completed smoothly.

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