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Vertical honing machine
Vertical honing machine
At present,Guang Zhou HUI Yl Heavy MachineryCo.,LTD.
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Product description
At present,Guang Zhou HUI Yl Heavy MachineryCo.,LTD. produces HY series of vertical honingmachines including such semiautomatic and automaticvertical homing machines as vertical duplex-operationtype, vertical widened type,vertical multiple-operationmoving typeand large big-size operation type etc.
1.The machine frame and base are all made up ofsquare steel, and steel plate etc by means of welding.After welding,they are subject to heat treatment andannealed,then subject to high- temperature artificialaging treatment (the temperature is as high as 580C.The machine frame and base are kept in the furnace untilthe temperature decreases to 200C.And then they arecooled in the air out of the furnace), which can make surethe machine frame and base are not deformed in 6 oryears.
2. working platform: it is composed of angle steel,steel plate and so on. No.45 track surface has beensubject to quenching and tempering treatment which canprovide the work platform with great abrasion resistance.
3. Guide rod: made of 40Cr. The ready-madeguide rod is subject to HRC45-50 high-frequencyquenching treatment, with surface coated with chrome0.08-01mm, chrome layer hardness of Hv900-1100.
4.Electrical components: all adopt internationalbrand Japan mitsubishi electrical components (includingelectric switch,sensor,control box,PLC programmer,etc).
5.Hydraulic station: The hydraulic elements are allfrom such famous brands as KOMPASS,and YuciYuken and Beijing HuaDe etc.The accessories are from Liming, DER and so on in China. After picklina. the tankis sprayed with acid-proof paint,which effectively ensures the cleanliness of the tank.The operating motoris from Dongguan Motor while the oil pump is formSAMEKV.All of the above can guarantee the internaland external quality of the honing machine produced byour company.Please feel free to buy and use it.
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