• Product name: Bucket type digging screen
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  • Added time: 2016-07-11
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Austria manufacturing, German quality. Our company has the right of agency in 10 provinces of china.

The screening machine is driven by the hydraulic motor of the excavator, and the material is classified and separated in the field. With its interchangeable drum screen, the user can choose different size selection and sorting. At the same time, the drum is also applied to the classification before the crushing process, as well as the final classification.

Screen a wide range of applications, can be in the pit of natural stone, sand classification processing, recycled materials recycling.

technical parameter

Model HBS800 HBS1200 HBS1600 HBS2000
Machine weight ≥8 ≥13 ≥22 ≥35
Screen drum diameter 800 1200 1600 2000
Drum depth 500 750 1100 1100
Bucket capacity 0.51 1.57 3.7 5.95
weight 0.64 1.25 2.35 4.6
Sieve diameter    20×20, 30×30, 40×40, 50×50,60×60,80×80
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